Towards in silico humans. A challenge for Exascale computing area


Scientific Leader: 
Dr. Modesto Orozco

IRB Principal Investigator and BSC Life Sciences Director

The rapid evolution of computing capabilities is bringing us closer to the dream of being able to simulate humans. Computer simulation can range from subatomic models of complex bio-molecular processes to whole-organ simulators. Furthermore, integrative approaches involving the development of new hardware architecture, software, multi-scale simulation, data analysis and experimentation have been formulated to simulate entire living organisms with varying degrees of complexity.
The aim of the meeting is to bring together scientific leaders and policy-makers to debate the current state and future of human simulation, discuss scientific topics regarding simulations, the evolution of computers, the impact of this research on the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors and the actions that are planned from public and private research institutions to fuel this new kind of research.
The meeting, co-organized by B·DEBATE and the joint IRB-BSC computational biology research program, will induce productive transversal discussions among representatives from the fields of high-performance computers and biomedicine. The event will focus on three main areas: the future of supercomputing for the life sciences, multi-scale simulation of living organisms and computing in the pharmaceutical sector.
There we will host the Open SymposiumMulti-scale simulation of living organisms: from Genomes to Human Organs” on Thursday, 19th  September 3:00pm-6:30pm.
Free registration to the Open Symposium is open

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Dates: September, 18th, 19th and 20th, 2013
Venue: CosmoCaixa. C/ Isaac Newton, 26. 08022 Barcelona