B·Debate 2018 Call for Proposals

B·Debate 2018 Call for Proposals

Call for proposals for the B·Debate calendar of activities is closed

In order to carry out its mission, B·Debate opens the call for proposals of activities to include in the 2018 calendar. The call is governed by the "2018 B·Debate Call rules and regulations".


The call for proposals for activities to include in the B·Debate 2018 will remain open from March 31st until June 21st 2017 (both included).

More information

For further information of the B·Debate Call for Proposals please contact:

Baldiri Reixac, 4-8, Torre I (PCB)
08028 Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 310 33 30
Maria Ruiz – mruiz@biocat.cat 


The call for proposals is addressed to renowned scientists and experts with links to research bodies in Catalonia. These experts may only submit one proposal in each yearly call. The scientific partner must provide B·Debate with confirmation of their research entity's support.

Researchers that submit a proposal must include their CV, clearly showing the field of science in which they are working and their links to a local research center.

Submiting a proposal

The call is governed by the 2018 B·Debate Call Rules and Regulations.

B·Debate provides a submission form, which must be used to submit proposals. This form must be duly filled out for the activity to be evaluated.

Once the proposal has been submitted, no complementary information may be added. Submissions must be made electronically. All information in the submissions will be treated confidentially.

Selection criteria

The activities that make up the Yearly Calendar of Activities must be in line with the mission, vision and values that define B·Debate. The selected activities will stand out for the advanced topics and areas of science they deal with, and for the high level of participation from local and international experts as speakers in the debates. The approach of cross-cutting activities to support research and dissemination of the conclusions of the debate will be valued.

Proposals for the B·Debate calendar of activities must especially focus on:

  • Frontiers of science
    Cutting-edge research in life sciences.
  • Social impact
    Particular attention is paid to the social interest of the challenges posed and the potential to spread the contents and solutions in society.
  • Internationalization
    International impact of the event, due to the areas of science addressed and/or the participating speakers and organizations.
  • Multidisciplinary
    Approaches from transversal and complementary areas of science to tackle the topics in question.
  • Barcelona - Catalonia
    Proposals must involve researchers with links to local organizations, either as speakers or participants. They must explore and propose potential collaborations between researchers, organizations, etc. to drive new research initiatives and exchanges.