Annual program 2016/2017

  • 07/04/2016 to 08/04/2016
    Resistance to therapy is the principal cause of failure to cure cancer patients. Despite major advances in understanding the molecular basis of cancer obtained during recent years, there are very few examples of the clinical translation of therapeutic strategies against resistance. Different...Llegeix més
  • 30/06/2016 to 01/07/2016
    The human microbiome is essential for human health and body functioning. In recent times we have started to elucidate the enormous scientific and therapeutic potential of the human microbiome in almost all medical fields. This event, jointly organized by B·Debate, an initiative of Biocat and Obra...Llegeix més
  • BDebate Blindness Macula foto
    06/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
    Blindness is a major global health challenge because of the enormous impact it has on patients and their families, and their important socio-economic consequences. Besides the great emotional impact that this implies for patients and their families, also means the inability to pursue education, to...Llegeix més
  • Plant Proteostasis. Towards a Green Based Industry
    27/09/2016 to 28/09/2016
    The negative impact on environment and economy resulting from the use of non-renewable energy sources and plastic pollution, together with the limited availability of fossil-derived products, are the driving forces to make a major effort for achieving a sustainable production and conversion of...Llegeix més
  • 13/10/2016 to 14/10/2016
    Over the past few years, the genomes and transcriptomes of thousands of tumors have been sequenced. This information has revealed an enormous diversity of tumor genotypes and it is helping personalize the treatments of cancer patients. However, despite these advances, it remains a major challenge...Llegeix més
  • Early Life Experiences. Vulnerability or Resilience?
    25/10/2016 to 26/10/2016
    Mental health disorders are the leading cause of disability in western countries accounting for 25 percent of all years of life lost due to disability and premature mortality. The World Economic Forum recognized that mental disorders have emerged as the single largest health cost, with global...Llegeix més
  • 08/11/2016 to 09/11/2016
    Cutting edge research in the field of molecular imaging for life sciences, health and related technologies is exponentially increasing. The application of imaging techniques ranges from basic research in vivo at different levels (nano, micro, cell, animal/whole body) to design and preclinical...Llegeix més
  • Drug repurposing
    17/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
    Rare diseases affect a reduced number of patients each, but there are around 7000 rare diseases, and therefore the percentage of the global population affected is nearly 6-8%. Most rare diseases have a genetic origin, and only 5% of them have an available treatment. The drug discovery and...Llegeix més
  • 14/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
    Biotechnology is one of the pillars of the knowledge-based economy (KBBE), rightly hailed by the European Commission as a unique opportunity for Europe to increase the efficiency of its research. In an increasing and aging population, with the need of a more sustainable and rationale use of...Llegeix més
  • 07/03/2017 to 08/03/2017
    It cannot be denied that Artificial Intelligence is having a growing impact in many areas of human activity . It is helping humans to communicate with each other, even beyond linguistic boundaries, find information in the vast resources available on the web, solve challenging problems that go...Llegeix més
  • 13/06/2019 to 14/06/2019
    This conference on synthetic biology is focused on medical applications on gene editing technologies . Our capacity to engineer genomes has increased enormously, and this advancement is impacting science and society. Synthetic Biology drives to a new era in a wide variety of research fields ranging...Llegeix més