About B·Debate

B·Debate is an initiative of Biocat and “la Caixa” Foundation.
B·Debate aims to drive top-notch international scientific events to foster debate, collaboration and open exchange of knowledge among experts of renowned national and international prestige in order to tackle complex challenges of high interest in the life sciences. The debates foster the integration of various disciplines of science.

B·Debate strives to help position Barcelona as a benchmark in generating knowledge and Catalonia as a country of scientific excellence.



B·Debate seeks out answers to the challenges and needs of society in the field of life sciences, taking into account the complex, ever-changing conditions of this global world.

B·Debate sees debate as a powerful, effective way to generate knowledge. The debates included in the B·Debate Calendar of Activities are top-notch international scientific meetings featuring a selection of experts of renowned international prestige and scientists that work in Barcelona and Catalonia, moderated by scientific leaders.

The debates foster the integration of different disciplines of science and deal with such diverse topics as ageing, new therapeutic approaches to various diseases, innovative technology to improve knowledge of the human genome, food resources, climate change, and new energy sources, among others.

The knowledge and results obtained through these events is spread throughout both the scientific community and general society through the various B·Debate channels and instruments.