Short Courses 2020 Call for Proposals

Short Courses 2020 Call for Proposals

Call for proposals for Short Courses 2020 is closed

The call for proposals of short courses on oncology and neurosciences to include in the 2020 calendar is now closed.

If you are a researcher, physician or scientific or clinical expert linked to a hospital or research institution in the EU, submit your groundbreaking idea now!

Two different courses will be performed, one in Paris and another one in Barcelona.


The call for proposals for short courses to include in the 2020 program will remain open until March 11th (included).

More information

For further information of the Call for Proposals please contact:

Marta Soler –

B·Debate (Biocat)
Baldiri Reixac, 4-8, Torre I (PCB)
08028 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 93 310 33 30

Submitting a proposal

The call is governed by the 2020 Call Rules and Regulations.

The Organization provides a submission form, which must be duly filled out for the activity to be evaluated.

You can participate by proposing:

  • The whole track of lectures, designing the full agenda of sessions and including the most appropriate lecturers
  • One session of the course, including several lectures (typically 3-5 lectures)
  • One single lecture

Once the proposal has been submitted, no complementary information may be added. Submissions must be done electronically. All information in the submissions will be treated confidentially.

Selection criteria

Proposals will be prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • At the frontiers of science, tackling cutting edge research in health, focused on oncology and neurosciences
  • Addressing health challenges with a strong social impact, and society will have access to them
  • Gathering internationally recognized institutions and experts in the EU
  • Integrating professionals from different disciplines of health and life sciences with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer, stablishing a network of experts in the field
  • Fostering the next wave of innovative solutions, boosting the EU as a land of excellence in health and wellbeing promotion through showcasing promising start-ups in the field and organising qualified meetings with healthcare professionals and early stage investors
  • Adressing and discussing the latest unmet clinical needs in oncology and CNS-related fields


This is an EIT Health activity, organized by Biocat, “la Caixa" Foundation and Medicen Paris Region with the collaboration of Meditecnologia, under the framework of the project New Frontiers in Healthcare Innovation.


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