• III MTN Workshop. Muscle Injuries and Repair: Current Trends in Research
    27/09/2011 to 28/09/2011
    Breakthroughs in cell biology, genetics and tissue engineering have led to the development of new techniques and therapeutic strategies that allow doctors to repair muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments after acute traumatic or repetitive-use injuries. This year’s event aims to shed light on all...Llegeix més
  • 8th International Retroviral NC Symposium
    18/09/2011 to 21/09/2011
    Retroviruses are involved in a wide variety of cancers and immune-system disorders in animals and humans, including infectious diseases like AIDS or the flu. The first research studies on retroviral proteins revealed that all retroviruses contain a highly conserved sequence involved in forming the...Llegeix més
  • 19/07/2011 to 20/07/2011
    On 19 and 20 July, Barcelona will host a meeting of the data-analysis group of ENCODE , one of the most important projects of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), which aims to identify all the functional elements of the human genome...Llegeix més
  • Fertility Preservation Update:  Consensus Meeting
    06/06/2011 to 07/06/2011
    Chemotherapy and radiotherapy used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases often have a dramatic impact on fertility, both in men and women. Fertility preservation is an emerging field in assisted reproduction, which offers cancer survivors and those affected by other diseases that impact fertility...Llegeix més
  • Light for Health
    30/05/2011 to 31/05/2011
    Photonics plays a key role in a growing number of medical technologies, which include non-invasive diagnostic techniques, advanced imaging technology and many therapeutic forms. Some examples of their applications include photodynamic therapies to treat cancer, pulse oximetry, laser surgery,...Llegeix més
  • Interplay of Light, Photoperiodism and Circadian Clock Function in Plant Development
    04/05/2011 to 06/05/2011
    In recent years, a significant number of studies have discovered how light, photoperiodism and circadian clock function impact cell and molecular connections and regulatory systems in plant biology. This research has provided the scientific community with valuable complex information on the...Llegeix més
  • Sequence Mapping and Assembly Assessment Project (SMAAP)
    05/04/2011 to 07/04/2011
    Sequencing the human genome, completed in 2001, took ten years and cost approximately $3,000 millions. The project was the result of international collaboration among various large-scale sequencing centers, with thousands of professionals and hundreds of sequencing teams. Since then, technology for...Llegeix més
  • 09/03/2011 to 10/03/2011
    What challenges do imported diseases like dengue fever, malaria or chikungunya pose for science? How do globalization, trade or climate change affect the spread of vectors that transmit this type of disease? Specialists in public and international health, clinical research, anthropology, entomology...Llegeix més